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JC Jacinto is a talented 29-year-old visual artist and freelancer. Born in Pasig, currently based in Rizal, Philippines. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, major in Painting from  University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City

His works depict the finite quality in all things and is enthralled by the idea of beauty. He continues to study the connection between being the creator and destroyer of his own works. He creates art by the form of destruction, be it burning, smearing, stripping until it has given the meaning it portrays. Some of his works also provide gothic imagery that has a strong and sensitive themes between struggle and self-alienation. His works may be obscene but they also display truth and honesty. He takes inspiration from every life experiences, drawing inspirations from even the harshest situations and turning it into a work of art.

JC jacinto asks people to reflect on the complications that we face: the struggle of the mind versus the body, the line between reality and dreams. Jacinto wants people to feel emotions through his works.   via wikipedia

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